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20 May 2021

Taking the reins

Taking the reins

“Let’s have some tests done.” I’m sure most of you will have heard this from your GP after explaining in a first consultation why you are “not feeling yourself”.

From high cholesterol, vitamin B or iron deficiency, STDs, thyroid function, diabetes, to other metabolic conditions... blood and urine tests can detect many issues. They are one of the most important ways to keep track of your physical wellbeing. They’re also key to making informed decisions about your health. And if you have a chronic disease like diabetes, they’ll tell you how your condition is evolving.

Now, let’s say you wonder why you feel so tired lately and want to check your health without that first appointment with your GP – imagine if you could order your tests online.

At Unilabs, we have made that possible. Last month, we launched a pilot with a GP practice in Amsterdam to test a new digital platform – Homelab – that allows patients to order tests based on their health issues, making the exploratory appointment unnecessary.

Through this digital platform, patients can choose from diagnostic packages that address the most common symptoms, and pick the one that suits them best.

Thanks to Homelab, patients can self-manage their health and save time and energy. And GPs can spend more time focusing on their patients. There may also be a clear benefit when it comes to healthcare costs. Prevention and early detection can reduce medical bills, and the tests ordered from Homelab are fully reimbursable. It’s a win-win solution for all involved.

For now, we are closely monitoring this pilot – and we will share an update on our progress in three months. Stay tuned.

This project is just one of the different initiatives we are working on to accelerate the digitalisation of diagnostics and meet the needs of our customers. Our ultimate goal is not simply processing samples but finding answers that help improve people’s lives.

Patients and doctors are increasingly demanding more innovative solutions. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. People are taking charge of their health more than ever before. They want to communicating with their doctors in new and different ways.

The future is digital. And the new digital solutions will play an important role in the future of care –from monitoring health to helping individuals get better treatment and giving caregivers peace of mind.

Doctors and patients are working towards to make this a reality. And we at Unilabs will be with them every step of the way.

Authors: Sanne van Delft, PhD, Manager Digital Innovation Team and Maaike de Vries, PhD, Medical and Innovation Lead Digital Innovation Team.