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  • 8 avril 2021
    London, 1 April 2021: Telemedicine Clinic, in Partnership with Alliance Medical and Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), has started providing reporting services for low dose CT scans as part of the UK NHS’s Targeted National Lung Health Check programme.
  • 6 avril 2021
    Unilabs, the leading European diagnostics group, has partnered with Common MS and Inno@Brain in Spain to launch a digital solution that allows organisers to safely increase the number of attendees for large events.
  • 5 avril 2021
    ​​​​​​​Could you imagine the convenience of buying Covid-19 tests with your groceries? How wonderful would that be? To be able to go to school, work, and the pub normally and safely again? All thanks to a stubby little stick that quickly and reliably tells you whether you have the dreaded Covid.
  • 16 mars 2021
    One of the most common symptoms of Covid-19 is severe fatigue. People feel drained, out of energy, sluggish. Studies are not conclusive yet, but there is concern that these symptoms may persist even after the patient “recovers”.
  • 12 mars 2021
    Unilabs work featured in the ECDC journal.
  • 22 février 2021
    Unilabs, the leading European diagnostic group, has developed an innovative test kit that not only detects Covid-19, but also the most prevalent “hotspot” variants of the virus, simplifying the diagnostic process, delivering faster results, and adding another weapon in the fight against the virus. The kit is currently only in use at Unilabs, Switzerland.
  • 19 février 2021
    Unilabs, the leading European diagnostic group, has started to support ongoing Covid-19 vaccination programs and helped create the first vaccination drive-through in Portugal - one of the first in Europe. Initial vaccination services are already up and running in Portugal, and other countries are likely to follow suit.
  • 1 février 2021
    People’s emotional reactions to disasters follow predictable patterns. The Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. And that helps us prepare for what’s coming. In addition to diagnostics and medical care, we also need to focus on mental health, post-Covid care – and lifestyle. All this can be done digitally.
  • 11 janvier 2021
    “I have a cold.” “I have a headache.” “I have a bad stomach.” You will have heard your colleagues say this sort of thing at work. But when it comes to menstrual cramps or menopausal hot flushes, the mood changes. These are not seen as “acceptable” topics for public discussion. There is still a real taboo around women’s fertility.
  • 4 janvier 2021
    Back in the last century, we backpacked through Southeast Asia carrying nothing but worn-out backpacks, our return tickets, and a stash of tatty traveller cheques. No one had heard of online bookings, mobile phones didn’t exist, and we had to struggle through life without Grumpy Cat.
  • 15 décembre 2020
    Unilabs, the leading European diagnostic provider, says PCR testing remains the most reliable way to test for Covid-19 and expresses concern about the indiscriminate use of antigen tests.