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03 November 2022

Unilabs and RIMED join forces in Switzerland to expand their position in the field of integrated medical diagnostics

Unilabs, a leading diagnostic services provider, and RIMED, a leading Swiss diagnostic radiology company, announced today a unique partnership that will enable patients and referring facilities in Switzerland to benefit even more from integrated medical diagnostics. With the acquisition of a majority stake in RIMED, Unilabs strengthens its presence in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, where RIMED is a leader in the radiology segment. The partnership will allow a simplified patient care thanks to the future integration and consistency of IT solutions and the optimisation of the interdisciplinary data exchange quality.


"We are very pleased to welcome RIMED to the Unilabs family," said Alessandre Keller, Unilabs Switzerland General Manager. "Thanks to this merger, we will be able to expand our reach and provide more patients with high-quality diagnostics. RIMED's world-class radiology services will be part of our integrated clinical diagnostic capabilities. Combining radiology, digital pathology, genetics, and clinical analysis services will allow us to provide 360° medical diagnostics to Swiss patients. Finally, integrated diagnostic care has a face: Unilabs and RIMED, two reliable, innovative, and cost-effective healthcare service providers."


RIMED has a broad network of first-class radiology experts in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland. The merger of the 18 radiology sites of RIMED in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland and the five radiology centres of Unilabs in French-speaking Switzerland creates a new nationwide high-performance network in the private radiological diagnostics field. The bundling of expertise, the collaboration of highly qualified specialists, and the constant exchange with patients, referring physicians, and all service providers in the medical-diagnostic value chain create enormous potential radiology but also for the diagnostic disciplines of pathology, genetics, and biology. Through the comprehensive new diagnostic offer from a single source, doctors and patients alike will benefit from a faster, more targeted, and comprehensive diagnostics.


"We look forward to working with Unilabs," said Kim B. Laver, MD, founder and owner of RIMED. "The two companies' long-standing commitment to innovation for radiologists and patients is unmatched. We look forward to sharing our expertise and best practices with our new colleagues. Together, we will unlock new, creative, and promising potential for the benefit of all."


Radiology services are an essential part of modern medical diagnostics. All imaging procedures, such as MR and CT, are an essential part of diagnostics and finding a treatment. Accurate, reliable diagnostics are crucial to treat cancer and other diseases. They benefit patients, doctors, service providers, and insurers alike. The former management of RIMED and Unilabs will continue to be part of the new organisation, thus guaranteeing continuity.



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About Unilabs

Unilabs is one of Europe’s leading diagnostics companies, offering a complete range of laboratory, pathology, and imaging services to patients across four continents. A leading digital champion covering the full diagnostic spectrum, Unilabs’ +13,000 people save lives every day. Unilabs invests heavily in technology, equipment, and people – using digital technologies in its state-of-the-art laboratories and imaging institutes to improve the lives of close to 100 million people every year.



RIMED is a leading provider of medical radiology services in Switzerland, with its head office in Zug. Cooperations in the public and private sector have made the company a reliable and strong partner in the Swiss healthcare market for almost 30 years. At RIMED, everything revolves around the wellbeing of the people who entrust the company with medical radiological services, according to the principle human-competent, patient-oriented. As a highly modern and technologically networked radiology group, RIMED offers its referring doctors a sophisticated electronic platform for all image/findings material. It enables efficient data flows for optimal, rapid, and high-quality data exchange.