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13 May 2021

The corporate “fountain of youth” 

Attracting young talent is key for any organisation. We could quote research and statistics of the benefits but for us at Unilabs, none of these numbers can beat the pride and joy we feel when one of our trainees make it to the top.

For example, our Dutch research trainee Daan ten Berge has authored a scientific article that was published in April this year. This achievement is normally reserved for senior scientists and researchers but Daan is already considered an expert in his field, despite his young age.

Under the title “Significant interference on specific point-of-care glucose measurements due to high dose of intravenous vitamin C therapy in critically ill patients”, our colleague Daan has published findings that have changed hospital protocols at the Medisch Spectrum Twente in Enschede and Isala in Zwolle.

“This opportunity of writing a publication was something I did not expect to achieve during my bachelor. It’s unbelievable and I am thankful to Dr Hans Krabbe at Unilabs Enschede that he gave me this opportunity! It has ensured that I am asked to give guest lectures. And the paper where I published my research asked me to peer-review other papers. It has really raised my profile – at school and also at Unilabs – awesome!”

Even though Daan is now working on his thesis, he still finds time to spend at Unilabs. “I really miss the atmosphere of Unilabs Enschede. I learnt a lot there, and I had the best colleagues.”

After his graduation, Daan is planning to do a masters and keep gaining experience in the laboratory field but first, and providing Covid-19 allows it, he also wants to tour the world with his friends.

Whatever the future holds for this young scientist, we know he will keep shining, and we are proud of him.

Author: Sandra Lastra, Group Communications Specialist.